Control and Information

Adhering to the latest information technology

Adhering to the latest information technology and international standard, SeaContainer has also invested to maximize the use of Information Technology in all aspect of its work process and interaction.

The company has developed a system that was tailored-fit to suit both Shipping and Container Leasing company on-line reporting system (thru EDI) the said system was called as “CDMS” which means Container Depot Management System wherein all container movement are encoded real time.

Having the said system, SeaContainer was able to centralized the documentation and reporting to avoid delay and double handling of container info/data gathering process. Daily container movement report to customer can be easily generated and uploaded for submission to individual client. Meanwhile, all container pull-out undergoes strict and thorough validation process prior to release, this is to ensure that the equipment of our clients is issued and/or released only to its authorized hauler. All repair estimates are processed promptly and sent to each client within 24 hours from the date of return and submission are done either automatically thru EDI, thru e-mail or directly to MnR web or system of our client. The bills and invoices are processed through our CDMS thus overall, our invoicing/billing to customers are transformed into validated computer or system generated invoices.

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