Pre Trip Inspection

PTI is an inspection conducted on an empty reefer container before released, to ensure the correct functioning of the cooling unit, temperature control and recording devices.

PTI also includes checking the container for structural damage, and ensuring that the inside of the container is clean and ready in all respect to receive cargo.

All incoming reefer containers are connected to our fully equipped PTI-station. This is located at Tower Bravo and tower Alpha, with 24 plugging system,

During the PTI the container is tested on the technical functioning of, amongst others, the cooling system. Important aspects to test are the refrigerant, the blower and the fan. We even listen if there are noises that we are not supposed to hear.

Also the power is carefully tested. A reefer container must always reach the right temperature to effectively cool the cargo. A visual inspection is also part of the PTI, as to check for damages on the reefer unit or Genset (generator set). The inspection always happens when the reefer container is still empty.