Garment on Hanger

dry containers where garments are hung via string


The fashion and retail industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. While most garments are shipped using general shipping containers, certain clothing pieces are shipped using GOH containers.

Garments on Hanger (GOH) containers are dry containers where garments are hung via string or bar system. This service is generally offered by certain carriers and freight forwarders, in order to meet the needs of the garments and fashion industry.

The main purpose of shipping garments using GOH containers is to save time and preserve the garment quality, as they aren’t required to be folded and packed. Therefore, GOH containers are usually used by high-end fashion retailers who carry jackets, suits and other valuable articles of clothing in their line.

GOH Specifications

There are two different types of GOH containers. One features a string system and the other features a bar system. While they are both retrofitted inside a 20′ or 40′ dry container, the interiors are configured in a way to support the hanging of garments.

Bar System

With the bar system, the GOH container is loaded with rows of handling bars at a range of flexible heights. They are spaced out according to the types of garments being shipped and can be set up in a single or double row configuration.

Bars are typically used for heavier garments, such as thick coats, suits or even jackets. Each bar can support a weight of about 300 kg – 500 kg.

String System

With the string system, the GOH container is equipped with a single row of horizontal bars which are spaced equally at the top of the container.

However, the difference here is that there are strings tied to the horizontal bars. These strings are hung vertically. Moreover, the strings are knotted so that multiple garments can be hung on a single string to maximize container utilization.

When comparing the two different GOH container systems, you can see that both offer different types of advantages. Each system has flexibility in terms of row options and spacing depending on the type of clothing.

While the string system features only a single bar setup, each bar has 20 strings with about 8 – 12 knots each to hang clothing items on. The string system is more suitable for lighter and thinner articles of clothing.

The bar system on the other hand is more advantageous for heavier clothes and can be configured in either a single or double row, depending on the requirements of the shipping lines.